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Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

On 28.10.2010, bottles laced with flammable liquids have been thrown at student buildings in the northern town of Oulu. No fire broke out as a result of the attack, but homophobic threats were painted onto an adjoining fence. The incident occurred some time between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning on Mannerkatu Street. According to Oulu police, bottles filled with petrol had been thrown at the door of the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland.

Police found shards of glass at the scene, together with a strong smell of petrol and pieces of material stuffed into the neck of a bottle. The police believe that the intention of the perpetrators was to set fire to the building. The threat painted onto the adjoining fence appeared to be in opposition to the stance taken by the students’ union on gay rights.

Local Chief Inspector Kari Rantanen says that inquiries are ongoing. "We are looking into whether these two incidents were committed by the same person or by different individuals," he stated.

The incident follows a series of homophobic attacks which have occurred in Oulu over recent weeks.

Source: Spate of Homophobic Violence In Oulu Continues (28.10.2010)