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Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

Police in North Karelia and North Savo are concerned about increasing manifestations of racism in the area. Police in the eastern town of Lieksa were informed that young people in the area had been invited on Facebook to convene on Tuesday evening in a suburb with a large immigrant population under the heading “Who’s afraid of a black man?”

Police patrolled the centre of Lieksa and its suburbs on Tuesday evening and the early hours of the night. A few dozen young people showed up on the scene in their cars. Police checked the identities of those who showed up. Officials did not witness any conflicts with immigrants during the time of the enhanced surveillance. Police are nevertheless investigating whether or not the invitation and the related events might fall within the definition of a crime.

In Iisalmi, in the north of Savo, police have had reports of residents of immigrant background being targeted by verbal abuse. Racist graffiti has been seen in public places, and in one case, a young woman was threatened with physical violence. Veli Pallonen of the North Savo police says that the threat was preceded by racist taunting. Two local men have been questioned on suspicion of attempted aggravated assault.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition: Concerns about growing racism in Savo and Karelia (25.8.2011)