Lublin's public transport administration ZTM launched a new series of tickets within the action “Lublin for everyone” organized by Pracownia Sztuki Zaangażowanej Społecznie "Rewiry" (Studio of Socially Engaged Art “Rewiry”) in Centrum Kultury (Cultural Centre) in Lublin. Two types of cartoon drawings were printed: one of them presented a Jew hugging two people and the other – a man of African origin. The drawing also featured the name of Lublin's football club “Motor” written in the way football fans chant it at the match. According to the club's authorities who protested against the drawings on the tickets, the project strengthens the stereotypical image of a racist football fan while negative phenomena concerning intolerance appear in all environments and areas of social life. Therefore, they cannot be linked to one social group only. The authorities of ZTM in Lublin decided to withdraw the distribution of controversial tickets.