Since January 2013, residents of Balseskin Reception Centre for newly arrived asylum seekers in Finglas, Dublin, have repeatedly been attacked with missiles of metal and stones. The missiles were thrown out of the window of the same drive-by car with a number of unidentified males as passengers. One resident was "hit on the back of his head" while another one had to be hospitalised following the attack. A spokesperson for the Irish Refugee Council (IRC) described the attacks as "very upsetting to the immigrants who are afraid to leave the centre as a result ... [i]t’s very sad and quite shocking that these vulnerable refugees are being targeted and attacked in this way ... [t]hey are scared but are reluctant to talk because there is a sense of fear that their applications might be affected if they speak out or complain in any way."

Following the attacks, a clinic was held by local  Gardaí to speak with the residents and flyers have been distributed near the hostel to obtain information on the attacks. The incidents are currently under investigation by Gardaí and CCTV material is being scrutinised. According to its spokesperson, the Department of Justice is also aware of the incidents.